Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Birthday, Some Boots and a Crankster

Today was/is my amazing husband's birthday! For breakfast I made him cinnamon rolls, eggs and sausage. I also concocted a frappacino-like drink from the maple-bacon flavored coffee (his sister sent as a gift) and added that to the breakfast. Overall it seemed very successful, which is saying a lot for me... the breakfast I usually make always ends up burnt!

From there we went to the Street Fair in a neighboring town where we did a wee bit of shopping. No pictures yet. But I did find a pair of awesome worn, but-not-too-worn motorcycle boots pretty much the exact kind that I have always wanted. They were at the rummage sale we hit and scored for $1.00!! I also grabbed a few other treasures including some wooden building blocks for H.

Speaking of H, she's turned in to quite the crankster in the last week or so. Naps and bed time are pretty much a disaster lately. She cries as soon as we put her down and we're not really sure why. She is using so many words now that we are able to ask her what is wrong, but it doesn't always help. We've tried the cry it out method and sometimes that works even though it makes me feel not so great. Every day is different and that is how we roll around here. Trying to tire the babe out to no end by supplying her with maximum running time!

Still no real news on the house front. We are just waiting on our mortgage to go through. In the mean time I think of the little things I want to do with this home. Here are just a few thoughts I've had.

-We are definite no shoes in the house people ( it bring in dirt and toxins and germs to a place where we all hang out.. the floor!) So I want to have a basket by the door with cozy socks and slippers to offer all our visitors.

-I'm looking forward to spending time on the screened in porch. Sipping tea and looking at our little lake across the street.

-Planting. veggies,fruit,flowers,foliage. Today I planted seeds and some little plants into containers. I'll tell you more about that this week.

Overall, it was a great, relaxing weekend! Happy Birthday, Zach!

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Tree Huggin Momma said...

I like the footed slipper socks (the kind with treads) and people who come over regularly leave socks and sweaters at my place.