Wednesday, June 9, 2010

keeping busy

Just a few pictures to show how we've been keeping busy!

playing in BIG sandboxes

growing pots of these!

eating ice cream sandwiches from the freezer, but pretending they are from the Good Humor guy!

learning to pump our legs while swinging along

climbing rocks near the Hudson River!

You'd think these were all from the same day! Nope! We just love this recycled tee!

I bought 3 of these 100% silk- totally vintage from India. They were 1$ each at a yard sale last weekend- score!

Months ago I had taken Monsters of Templeton on CD out of the library. I don't know when I thought I would listen to it, because it isn't kid-friendly and i never have the time. Regardless, I promptly snatched it up along with a million other things at the library- because sometimes I feel like I am on a shopping spree when I am there. I see so many awesome books, CDs, magazines and I kinda lose it and end up leaving with 2 tote bags full. I listened in the car to the 1st disc then promptly lost it. Luckily I was able to renew it several times and then finally found the 1st disc in my folder of home decorating/renovation. Isn't that where everyone keeps this stuff?

Today was pretty hectic, a dentist appointment this morning- then craziness ensued regarding our closing. It is getting close and we hope to know more this week! Then to add to the craziness my mother and I took Hazel and my niece,Lizzie to IKEA! Like the 3 bears, they climbed into every bed,chair,nook and cranny. Silly babes!

That is what the last few days have looked like. Now I just need to convince Zach to let me paint our bedroom the color of pumpkin pie.

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