Sunday, June 13, 2010

yard sale wars

Sunday we set up in my parent's yard under a tent to have a yard sale. I started to realize that many of the things we had in our house we didn't need anymore. Plus, I want to purge some of my stuff. Who really needs 30 + pleather pocket books? I had acquired from 1 too many visits at cheapie vendors in NYC or comic books Zach has collected for years along with his action figures and some random clothing items, we pitched a tent and set up yard sale camp. I don't know if any one is familiar with this new phenomenon I am noticing, but people no longer get out of their cars! They do a drive-by yard sale! Peering at your yard through their car windows! Hilarious! Then they'll get out if they see an item they want. Well I wasn't that familiar with this until a few weeks back when we visited West Point's full on yard sale. It was even funnier when it happened to ours.

Aside from that we had all of the neighborhood kids scouting out all of the action figures and comic books. They didn't just come one by one they came in herds. Buying one, coming back and then bringing a friend and buying more. Luckily we got rid of a bunch because they were super cheap and we threw in a lot of extras. Nice to see kids interested in reading- regardless of the genre.

But then we noticed something.. wait do they have a table set up at the top of the street? Are they indeed selling the items they just bought from us to other people? Pretty hysterical- it turned out they weren't selling the figures they had bought from us- just from their old stash. But people were driving down seeing our beautifully painted signs and seeing their table thinking that was the Yard Sale! Zach was furious. ( all I was picturing was a battle like in those Home Alone movies) He spent a good amount of time thoughtfully pricing and setting up, painting signs and placing them around the surrounding neighborhoods (he even went back and collected them after it was over)so he was a little heated. I was trying not to laugh because after all they were kids! Maybe we lost a few customers- but it turns out the kids were our best customers to begin with! (Although a big thank you to my aunt & cousin who took the remaining pocket books off of my hands and my nieces who took a little of everything else!)
At the end of the day, we all had a little pocket money to dream with. Around 8:30pm one of the kids was hanging around our yard and my mom had to tell him the yard sale was over. He wanted to know how much for the rest of the action figures! I say that was a satisfied customer 3x's over. Ahh kidlets!

Too busy to stop and take an actual picture:

kerchief mamas.

This week it has been whispered after the paperwork goes through quality control.. we'll be closing! ShSHHHHSHhhhhh! so excited!

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pretty kerchief mamas! <3