Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Faerie Hat in the Shoppe~

Last night I finished this magical little cap and listed it in my shoppe! It was so much fun trying to imagine what a butterfly faerie's hat might look like.
Yesterday, my brother came up to help Zach rip down the old cabinets and put up some new ones! Yay! While I am still getting use to it- I am enjoying the new space and picturing what the space will turn into. A quick trip to the Goodwill with the family. Zach found a great pair of Clark shoes, I found a Gary Null book and a pair of chocolate brown cords and a burgundy sweater for felting.

Well, I think Zach fell asleep in the rocking chair while putting Hazel down. I want to try and get some more hats finished to put up on Etsy.

I heard some Christmas music in a store today- it made me smile. The most fun time of year! xo

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Anonymous said...

I heard Christmas music in Michael's the other day...made me wanna bust out everything Christmas! xo