Monday, November 15, 2010

New New

My parents are coming up for a visit today. They haven't been here in over a month. We usually see each other every week- but last week we missed a get together. So, today they'll come up and maybe we'll grab a bite and share treasures I've recently acquired or they have brought up for us. They love spending time with Hazel, which is nice. They'll get an extra dose of her this weekend, when Zach and I go to see Harry Potter and they babysit! Can't wait- I so love Harry Potter- but the near end of the movies and books is so sad!

In other news, my brother came up to help install new cabinets.

And a week ago yesterday, we adopted a little 6 month old pup, we are calling Bella.

We were told she is a Hound/ German Shepard mix... either way she may be about 70 pounds! whoa!
New things popping up in the shop!

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Woodspritemama said...

sweet looking pup! she looks to me like she may have a bit of pit- bull ~ many, many mixes do now :) they make awesome pets though ~ just usually have lots of energy! i could be wrong though ;)