Monday, December 3, 2007

Making Our Way Back Home... The Adventure Continues...

Just as Santa has begun his trek across the world the hobos too are packing up their bags and heading back to New York. We've had about 10 days or warm weather- Transformer/princess conversations, steep and beautiful roads,wonderful foliage,beautiful skies , good finds at thrift stores, delicious pastry- but most importantly..the time to get to know my sister-in-law, brother-in-law and their two adorable children. When family lives far away it is most important to stay in touch with photos- emails anything to jog the little people's memory about you. But having the fortunate opportunity to visit Hawaii and see Zach's family and my new family has been a really great experience!

I don't look forward to the flying and long hours on the plane- but our two kitties and winter weather await us and that is the best part about coming home. I realized being away from my cats and sewing machine was difficult. I called my mom a lot which I do normally-but Zach and I joked about getting a phone line w/ answering machine for the cats so we could talk to them.. yes I'm cookoo.

This morning we walked into the town of Makawao and had breakfast(veggie benedict). We visited a through shops and I found some really cool stuff in a shop called Collections(who didn't have a website unfortunately) where I found some adorable ornaments to give as little extra gifts. Here is where I was first introduced to the term Frozen Charlotte There was a box with three adorable dolls 1 duck, 1 cat and a bear in a crepe paper dresses with flowers behind their ears made of porcelain. One set was broken up so I only purchased the bear. I forgot the exact name of the set and when I called the owner just said they were Frozen Charlottes. I've tried to look into the creater of this actual one-with no luck yet! The shop also had wonderful what looked like reconstructed jackets out of cotton that were way awesome by Scrapbook Clothing.

Our bags are packed to the brim- I hope & *wish* it doesn't explode- full of my wonderful vintage/thrift finds. Our shop will have some new items this Friday night and continuing into the weekend.

Be Well!

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