Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Least Favorite Day- or My 3rd Grade Essay

Just thought the title sounded like something I might have written in 3rd grade. Certainly my grammer is that of a 3rd grader.

This morning I couldn't get up. Actually everyday since we got home from our Hawaiian excursion. The coffee was made at 7am and I was still in bed at 7:30. Jasper ( our fat cat) was jumping on us- and trying to get Zach up or someone to just feed him.
Finally when I got up a few minutes later- I decided I'd wear my new cute jeans-purchased for $8.00 w/ a 20% coupon at Savers. They're grey with a shiny silver stitching on the bum pockets. I thought they'd wake me up or at least be an interesting conversation piece when my friend Suzanne came by later today. I also immediately put PJ Harvey on- her album Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea,her 7th album. I haven't kept up with her work- but I love her and will eventually download/borrow it somehow. I'm similar in that way with so many musicians. Anyhow- now awake wearing silver-pocketed pants listening to PJ harvey I poured some of that morning brew I was jabbering about and after a bit of tinkering on Etsy mostly I'll be able to start my day.

On the beach in Hawaii digging for shells

Our wee Christmas tree

The mustache Tie in our etsy shop

Shroom tote also available in our shop- Vintage Mushroom fabric w/ adorable Kawaii tape

I've been trying to divide time between making holiday gifts- custom orders and new pieces to keep the shop fresh. It isn't easy! But I work best under pressure. The holiday season has come so fast this year- which I know is a ridiculous statement- but feels realistic to say. Since we went away and returned on the 4th of Dec. it has been an utter whirlwind.

We don't really have plans to do any shows at the moment- not as though there is much time. I think since we're doing well on Etsy we'll just work w/that for the moment.

For work Zach had to record a Gift Guide for Wizard to be on Myspace- it's really cute and I'm excited for him!
Check out this video: Wizard Holiday Gift Guide 2007

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When I first saw it I squealed I was so proud and he looked so cute and I've never seen him on any of the tv interviews he's given, I've only heard the radio interviews. So it was fun for a change to actually see what he's done at work.

Another singer I am really enjoying is Lily Allen. I copied my sister-in-law's cd while we were away and now I am obsessed- she's hysterical and has so much sass! Not to mention adorable. The album ( ? hi 1972) has a true flow to it.
With that I say au revoir Pee-wee! ( which is actually a band I heard on NPR) I think they're from the states but are very popular in France. That movie is amazing.
xo Happy Crafting

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Loree said...

Lily Allen is great. I love her... and she gives the most hilarious interviews. She just says what's on her mind, all the time, which I kind of love.