Friday, December 21, 2007

A Rusted Root~Apples Simmering~ Kind of Day

So I had been thinking about the band Rusted Root, a lot lately. They were one of the bands that really kept my spirits up. I later learned from a schoolmate that apparently* the singer wasn't very nice. Which made me sad- but the music still gets me excited- shaking all aroun the kitchen.

Last night I finished appliqueing a messenger bag for a family member as well as a scarf for my niece- a custom ordered onesie which will go out today along with baking 2 loaves of banana bread (1- flax,peanut-butter,choc.chip w/ toasted coconut on top- 2 walnuts) I kept one pretty natural and low key. (that one actually came out a bit tastier!- I'll know for next time less is more!)

We also finally rented from our library, 1408. I loooove John Cusack - the movie was very different and a little creepy- but more strange and eerie. What a great movie reviewer I'd be.

Today while peeling apples for apple/cranberry muffins ( which will go in tins and party bags for family- along w/ banana bread-choc.chip peanut cookies, sugar and pumpkin cookies) I was thinking about the things I want if and when we can ever afford a house. I'd like something simple with charm- a little country and maybe a fireplace.. because I've always wanted to have a mantle to decorate. I remember one year my parent's bought this corregated cardboard roll that was colored like bricks and we put it up in the living room- maybe it was silly but I liked it or I liked that they did it for us looking back.
I miss not having a kitchen table to decorate and eat at. As I've mentioned before our apt. is hobbit-like and all we have is a tall counter or the coffee table to eat dinner at. For now it is okay- but I dream of taking my little table out of storage and using all the wonderful new & vintage linens I've aquired over my years of thrifting.
So today I set up the table we use for our shows & screenprinting. Yup! I set that baby right up in the kitchen and decorated it and everything! I'll use it to create the pastry assembly line for later.

I think this will be my last entry till we finish with Christmas. I'll be uploading to Flickr.
Be Well Have a Wonderful Christmas & Happy New Year!!

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