Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday! Hump Day-

I use to be a super night owl. When I worked at a bookstore the hours were just more conducive to this schedule. Since becoming pregnant I've been going to bed earlier- waking around 6 and then going back to sleep around 8- only to wake at 10am. Normally if this was my schedule I might feel bad about myself- because sleeping into the double digits isn't really something I like doing. But I've been going with the flow.

Yesterday I finished the 7th and last season of The Gilmore Girls and I was a big, weepy mess. Using 1/2 a dozen tissues I don't know if I can just blame my hormones. It was a really sweet show and I came to find out my own mother was a big fan. This morning I stayed in bed- filled a tray of lunch and goodies and watched Meet The Robinsons which was adorable. As well as started Finding Nemo.

Last night I was able to get a little bit of sewing accomplished, I appliqued two pieces of baby clothes that were recycled from my sister-in-law's kids. The one was a little kimono style in cotton with heather grey and white stripes, the other short sleeves in yellow onesie style. I used one of my favorites, the English ruler,measuring tape to make an owl for the yellow and a small square on the back of the kimono from this new adorable Japanese clothesline fabric.

About a year ago I started having serious issues with dairy. I was never diagnosed by the lactose test- but had cut it out of my diet for about a year. Then I started testing myself. A small piece of cheese here a nibble of a ravioli there. I realized that it wasn't bothering me! So we had ravioli the other night and last night ordered a pizza. It was crazy to be able to eat the cheese again and not get sick.

Our next show is a month away tomorrow. I'm nervous because I am still pretty ill and hope I can make it through a day of "craft show". I need to start putting together my usual suspects that always seem to sell like hotcakes. Luckily a lot of them can be made by piece mail on the couch. I also have a request to make a ring pillow for my mother-in-law's wedding as well as my bridey cousin's garter ( her wedding is in Nov). Which I am the Matron of Honor and will be just 20 days away from giving birth! MY due date is NOv 30 Her wedding, Nov 9th!! Oh Lordie!

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BabyLyons said...

My schedule got all messed up when I was pregnant to, and then again after I had my little guy. Now I just don't have a set sleeping schedule anymore :)
Oh, and I just wanted to tell you in case you didn't know, if you are taking Prenatal Vit., take them at night before bed otherwise they make you sick all day. Best tip i got when I was pregnant!

KnitXcorE said...

the second wedding is on mah birfday! (11/09)