Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday, Kitties, Babies and More

Patchwork Cat, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

When I made this little patchwork kitten for our shop, I had no idea how much my niece Jennifer would love it. Whenever she visits and sees it perched on the bookshelf with my other Scraparellas and such waiting to be adopted she always says" aunt missy, can I have that for my birthday or one like it?" so I have to make her one. I'm taking this one out of the shop to save it- since it was made from a very special material- the fact it hadn't sold I think it was meant to stay with us. So I'll be starting hers for her birthday as well as one of those super cute crayon cozie for my other niece's birthday- Tallulah.

We've been known to move pretty much every year. It isn't that we plan to move- our last place we loved- but we had to move for reasons beyond our control. The apt. we live in now is super small as anyone who has read this blog knows. So we're looking for a new place. Although we just started to get settled into this place- we started searching. Yesterday we saw two apts. one was a little scary- it had some real safety issues as well as not having a fridge and oh yeah Zach got two splinters in the short time we were there! The second one, we fell in love with.. turns out it wasn't the actual apt we were supposed to be seeing. But we might be able to get it for the right price. Full or light ( 11 windows in all) ( we have 4 now) a great size, hardwood floors and in walking distance to a farmer's market. So I hope this one works out- now they just need to decide if the kitties are allowed. Everyone *WISH* for us- b/c the kitties would love it just as much. Plus it has both a tub and plenty of space for a kitchen table- which we don't have right now.

Our great friends came by this morning and we met their new baby Sadie! She's only about 2 months old- and so good and just a little peanut. Zach did a great job holding her! What a natural!

As Sunday afternoon rolls in I'm peeling potatoes and carrots for a soup I'm making for dinner. I have a pile on my sewing table to get to this week. So much to do! The weather is welcoming back all the little animals in our yard. This morning Hermione was watching a cardinal, bluebird- the ever crazy squirrels and a little plump bunny. Zach gave some of our carrots to them to munch on. So lovely!
Have a great week!


Zach Oat said...

Sorry I burned the soups.

- Z

DeeJay said...

Sounds like a heavenly apartment. All of those windows to gaze from and get inspired. Love! I have 9 windows in my house but they are 4 feet off of the ground and only a couple feet tall. Nice to have windows but I'd love floor to ceiling ones instead.

Mmmmm soup with potatoes and carrots. I could live on that. I'm planning on making some curry lentil soup later this week. Sweet potatoes, carrots, lentils, maybe some celery and a regular potato too. Yumm. Love it every time.

Dear Zach....I burned the chili Friday and my house smelled like burnt food for 2 days.

Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

As someone who has also moved A LOT in the last couple of years, I hope you get the place. I know how frustrating it is to share a small space with your SO. Me and my b/f are locked into a 2 year lease so we're ok....for now. :)

Good luck!

Cole said...

I'm glad you liked my shoes! I checked out your stuff and I think its really great. That Gia-Hottie bag is incredible, it made me lol. Its always nice to meet a fellow crafts person on the net.
I'm actually a screen printer myself (among other things), have a small four color press out in the shop, and incidentally I've been thinking about printing on some less traditional media, mainly hand made Plush toys. Your work is inspirational.
Heres hoping you have a good one as we slowly but surly move on into summer!