Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Penny, the New Girl

Penny, the New Girl, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Wednesday- I was able to get outside and take some photos of some of my pieces that have been waiting to be listed. This is Penny, she's an adorable little redhead made of vintage houndstooth and denim. I'm still working on her skirt- but I hope to have her in the shop this weekend.

This morning (still not feeling well) in bed I watched the 2nd disc of The Tudors, which is a pretty interesting show. Although I want it to be Philippa Gregory's storyline. Now that we reopened our Netflix account I've been looking for some recommendations for movies and series- so please share!

Jasper has been camped out with me through Tudors- Little Britian and waiting on the stairs while I photographed some pieces. Now he's doing a one-eye opened sorta cat nap- waiting for any quick jolts to the kitchen for his dinner.

Last night we caught the beginning season of Law & Order SVU or SUV as some of us forgetfully call it. Pretty intense- as much as I didn't think they would let anything happen to Olivia- it was super intense and I just wasn't sure!

On the apt. front- we didn't get the one I mentioned a few posts back- because the owner does not want animals. Which makes me just so upset. They lost good possible tenants b/c we are animal lovers! I've noticed all through Craigslist- Hudson Valley- that a few people have listed comments about the lack of housing for pet owners. I was surprised but very pleased to see someone taking a stand! People shouldn't have to decide between their own shelter vs. that of their beloved pets. Ugh- sorry just ranting.
So our search continues! More later- happy spring- happy crafting


idyll hands said...

Yeah - the animal thing really gets my goat. I run into that a lot where I am (not sure why). Thankfully, I've found a landlord that didn't seem to mind that I have an indoor cat. I know humans that are WAY dirtier than any animal.

Amanda Baehr Fuller said...

We just rented Me and You and Everyone We Know. I recommend it if you like quirky indie films.