Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Quilt While Your Ahead

Thrifted Blanket, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

I'm so beat. The last couple of nights I've been itching.. only to find some small bites on my stomach, back, legs. I've checked the bed- but it is a brand new mattress from Ikea along with bn pillows. Unless there is an old, dirty mattress inside the clean Ikea one- I don't think we have bed bugs. Fleas? I've checked both cats and haven't found anything. But I may get them Frontline- in case. The beds have been stripped- piles of bedding- and our other laundry is going to be squished into bags for washing. Have I mentioned how tired I am? Is it Friday yet?

This is one of the blankets to be washed. I just grabbed everything and anything. To Be Continued...

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julie mack said...

sounds like chiggers to me. We had them in our house a couple months ago. We scrubbed everything down, bathed the cats & washed every piece of clothing & bedding in the house. They only live for a few days & by the time you've noticed bites, the biters are dead but they could be reproducing somewhere.

I really hope that's not what it is because they're really annoying! good luck!