Monday, March 2, 2009

Turning White Rice Yellow and Other Stories

This morning when I woke up for Hazel's wee morning feed, the snow was coming down in huge snowflakes. With the spotlight that is attached to our building- I could see almost every individual flake. It was pretty beautiful. I pulled up the blinds for the cats- because I think they enjoy the wonder of it all.

Zach worked from home and was a huge help as usual. The babe slept most of the day- only waking for brief jaunts between nursing and kicking in her Rainforest wonderland. I cleaned the car off and made it- alive to my EKG appointment- which I had rescheduled about 4 times. Afterwards I went to get my hair cut. My current cut, just wasn't tailored enough. So um- now it is tailored enough to join the Marines

I have the worst luck at salons. I think it might be more difficult to cut short hair- because it is short to begin with and then they just kinda go overboard. So I know it is only hair- but this is even a little too short for me. I'm grateful for the kind words of my husband and my Flickr friends who are so encouraging.

In other news I added turmeric to white rice and it turned a gorgeous yellow and was quite delicious. I've started packing and I may be a little crazy- but I'd rather have it all ready. I'm also thinking about purchasing some new diapers. Right now we only have 3 reusable diapers and 1 cover. I'd love to be able to go a whole day with reusable. I think we are going to get Bumpkins from Costco.

With that I'm off to bed.. here are a few pictures from the last few days.


Greenie Bean Recycle said...

i absolutely love those baby beauties and was filled with envy that your kitty sleeps peacefully by your sewing machine -- mine swallows the thread by the spool!

Molly said...

what a pretty little girl and such a lovely name