Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Money Tree Grows in Brooklyn

I only wish this were true. Money causes so many problems as of late- the terrible state we are in these days- we all need pick me ups. Watching Hazel is a true pick me up- although I have not yet gotten a camera to share the good times with you again- we're working on it.

The little shop that could- can and is.. Papa Oat travels an hour or more into NYC each day to stake his claim and I dream of finding time to sew to restock the shop. I say dream- because since our half- move I am yet to start a custom order and have not sewn a stitch. The cats have amazingly adapted well to living with my mom's two other kitties. Although at night we keep them separated- just like the Offspring
(yes I went there).

Miss Hazel will be 4 months on Thursday and is now weighing in at 12 lbs 4 oz. She's grabbing EVERYTHING in sight and now I'm happy I'm sporting a super short do these days!This week I'm going to start her on some rice cereal- yum yum!

Just for the sake of blogging with some pictures here are random ones that I found on my parent's computer- cause oh yeah we haven't quite gotten the mac working wit their Internet set up-

( when we first brought Jasper home)
Have a good one- more craftiness and pics of the girl to come!

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Loree said...

Aw, our White Plains apartment! I miss that place. It was pretty roomy for a one-bedroom.