Thursday, July 8, 2010

where we are: update

So I don't think I've been away from this blog for this long- ever. I've missed having this outlet for creativity or to dream about being creative and sharing what is new in our life with friends! Hello Everyone, I've missed you!
Some pictures for what's been going on!
On our 4th anniversary of marriage,we bought a little cottage!

(i guess foreclosed homes don't get the fancy "SOLD" signs ;( )

the comic relief.

It needed/needs a lot of TLC as it had been vacant for over 2 years. Even after Zach cut the lawn,with the heat and no rain for awhile the lawn now has almost died. Still so much to do to get it where we'd like it.

In the muck of it. Yard work and loving every bug bite and creepy crawler.

Hazel looking out the window with Grandma Joan

Zach still raking...

our little mantle. The fireplace may or may not work and might end up with a wood burning stove, either way it looks sweet with random prints and artwork and photos just haphazardly placed up there out of necessity ( hazel on the loose!)

Next pictures of Hazel's own bedroom! Hoot hooty! This weekend we start painting our bedroom. Hooty hoot!


Christopher And Tia said...

There is so much I want to say!!!

YAYYY, congratulations!!!

Oh my gosh, Hazel looks SO grown up.

Elie would be jealous of her elbow bandaid.

I can't wait to see more of your house. Please post pictures alllll the time.

And you look great, as well. How are your meds treating you? How are you feeling these days?

So happy for you and your adorable little family <3

DeeJay said...

So happy for you guys!! I hope your new HOME brings you and yours lots of wonderful memories and love!

idyll hands said...

It just looks great! I'm really quite excited to see the updates of the house.

Woodspritemama said...

Looking lovely as always!
Nice find in that house! The yard looks great :)