Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Damn You Reality!

So in my other homes, we didn't live by a lake where we see a million new bugs a day, we didn't worry too much about spiders and we didn't have silverfish. We were pretty lucky, although we didn't own those properties. Having lived here for 2 + weeks we are settling and becoming accustom to most of the wildlife habitat- seeing real dragonflies on a daily basis is kind of uplifting- almost stepping on a silverfish during a 3 am bathroom visit is not.

After reading on natural ways to rid your home of these gross, pesky monsters.. I've come to the realization that having my fabric color-coded and neatly folded on my shelves ( in my magical dreamland where faeries do you biding and your folding) (this picture got out of hand and is neither of those things) is a dream of the past- for now.

Since these buggers get their kicks on eating linen,fabric,wool! ( they also eat paste in books- but we are trying to pretend this isn't true- where could we possibly put 4 bookshelves + an expedit full of books?!) I need to put my fabric back into sealed bins and then somehow find room for them. Yes, it is a sad day when reality seeps in. I need a few moments of silence for what was and what magical piles could become. Oh well!

Anyone have any other advice on these buggies?


Hobocamp Crafts said...

I should say that so far they are just hanging out in the bathroom. I've maybe seen 1 or 2 elsewhere. Ugh!

Tree Huggin Momma said...

Try clear plastic bins (smaller ones) so you can still see your fabric sorted by colors and then you can put them on the shelves.
Never had a problem with silverfish at our lake house (but then again we don't see Dragonflies either).

Christopher And Tia said...

I don't know what a silverfish is?

teedle. said...

I also suggest clear bins. That way you can see what is inside =)

queenvanna said...

you might be able to leave it out once you are sure you've got a handle on them - we have some sort of dumb pinchy flat spiney things (i do not even want to know what they are really called) this year that are particularly prolific. i think they're getting inside because it's so hot and dry outside... i find them in my dirty laundry, they seem to be looking for damp places... we leave the vaccuum cleaner out and suck them up, maybe 1 or 2 a day.