Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Beauty, Kindness and Reality of Handmade

I was lucky enough to catch the tail end of a swap over at Sweet Potato Claire right after the holidays. I hadn't done a swap in a long time. I also didn't read the dates or directions very well... because I swore I had till the end of March! 

So when this huge box arrived filled with beautiful treats inside- I nearly fell over! My package was not yet finished and ready to be mailed out, so I put the baby down for his nap- popped in some Little Bear (bless your heart Maurice Sendak) and finished up some of my projects to mail out. In all my haste on receiving my package and sending- there were no pictures. I don't know what I was thinking or rather what I wasn't thinking.

The package arrived beautifully in glass jars. 1 full of delicious granola (which we have been enjoying on yogurt-on ice cream-in handfuls), another with yummy pecans (which were gone in a blink of an eye-really I turned around and my husband had snatched them and brought them to his office, I did have a few and they were delicious!). One had Hershey's chocolate play-doh, PLAY-DOH!Can you even believe that?! We heated it for a few seconds and the kids could not stop playing with it...we had to keep ourselves from eating it! Next was something for mama, a yummy hot cocoa bath soak- which was equally delish. 

Lastly, a beautiful set of note cards stamped with a bluebird. When I thought about it a few days later- the hot cocoa bath was practically finished, the pecans were long gone and the granola too was almost gone.But I guess that is where the title of the "reality" part comes in. With two littles and someone always starving (ahem husband and kids- believe I DO cook constantly!) there is bound to be a moment when a picture isn't taken and a gift is found unwrapped- half eaten! So there you have it. I am so grateful for our beautiful and thoughtful gifts we received and by the empty jars- they were too. Thank you so very much to Marianna, over at Cardinal Acre. You really made our day even if we don't exactly have pictures to share!

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Marianna said...

I'm so glad everything was well and truly enjoyed!! And I totally get the no picture thing! I often get so excited about the moment that the photograph is not possible.