Thursday, March 6, 2014

This friends, is Frederick. He was my first boy Scaparella- made in December, during the wee hours of almost Christmas while mama was burning the midnight oil watching Asylum and sewing sweet things for the ones she loves. Sort of ironic- but when I had first started Hobocamp, Zach and I were early into our relationship and horror films/crime shows were big on our list. Once you have kids that are prone to walking the halls and moaning out a "mama" in the middle of the night- horror films for me lost their zing. I'm also a huge baby and it all just got too creepy!

The sun is shining so bright into our big front window, I am fighting the cats for space for the laptop. Their little ( well Hermione) bodies are stretched out on the sideboard. This is why I will never have a house featured anywhere but Cat Fancy or some random cat magazine. I can't keep them off of here. They will knock down whatever they need to in order to get the best sun. demons I tell you. Wherever you are- I hope you are nestling in to you own little bit of sunshine!
xo M

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Donna said...

Hi Melissa ~ I got your swap package yesterday. Thank you so much! I just love everything. You put so much thought and love into it and I am so grateful. I will be blogging about it next week for sure!