Friday, April 13, 2007

My Morning~

THis Weekend Hobocamp Crafts will be at the:


Saturday, April 14th
@ Supreme Trading
213 n 8th St.
(Williamsburg) Brooklyn, NY 11211
Doors @ 7 ~ $5 (non-participants) ~ 21 and up
Hope to see you there!
www/ for more info

My Favorite Turtleneck- it's the softest material ever and has a vintage Macy's tag on it. These are also a pair of my favorite sunglasses! My mom and I bought a pair together- she looks so cute in hers. My dad says we look like cartoon characters!

Hermione leaping around the apartment:

These cuties came from Amy at She has an adorable shop and added goodies in the package! Check her out!

Self-Portrat Thursday 4-12-07 Zach got a call and I mimicked him with a sepia tone.

Our own Hobo photo shoot- We thought it was time I pack my bags and my hankie and ride the rails.These are the tracks close to where I grew up. As a child I would walk on or next to the tracks with friends. There is a small section where it s elevated and looks like it is pieced together with toothpicks!

Today is a showcase, we missed out last time- I was at work- luckily I am off today- have my timers set and I am ready!

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