Sunday, April 15, 2007

The BIG Art Show at Supreme Trading, Brooklyn, NY

On Saturday, April 14th, we were at Supreme Trading on No 8th in Williamsburg. Here is Zach at our little 5 foot booth set up!

How cute he looks!

A BUnch of Birdies that landed on this plate to be sold! We sold a few of these Luxy the Bird Lapel Buddies.

Rebecca shows off her little birdie on her hip~

Artwork from the show-
Some pieces we didn't get the name of the second photo is artwork of Paul Vogeler. There were some really cool artists, Etsyians and such.

Some of our coffee cuffs- we later grabbed some cups for better merchandising!

A Tire Sculpture on the roof of Supreme Trading.

An old somewhat- abandoned building on Driggs. We thought it was interesting and sort of sad.

You never really know what a craft fair will be like even if you've been there before. Elements like weather,location and other happenings on the same day can really dictate the foot traffic you get. In the case of this fair it was located next to a bar- so there was a busy stream of people coming in- however many of them were there to drink and not shop.

Speaking of drinking- I don't know if it had to do with her alcohol content but the person next to us ( an actual vendor/artist whatever) started changing her clothes on the gallery floor.NOte: there were 3 bathrooms for our use) Slipping a pair of pants on under a dress or skirt- you can get a way with- no big deal- but she then took her dress down and I unknowngly caught a glimpse of bra-ige (sp). Not to mention there were people all over the place!


Overall we were able to meet a few Etsyians; Sarah from Fort Cloudy,Haasome on Etsy and the guys from Happy Panda. Thankfully the rain stayed away for the day and we were not touched by a drop.

We enjoyed the best falafel of my dear life!!!! and checked out the neat shop JUNK on No.9th & Driggs. Zach and I bought new velcro & canvas wallets for 99 cents! His has a map of Hawaii and mine can fit my check book!
Bye for now xox

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