Sunday, April 8, 2007

Upcoming Events

Okay so we didn't get into Renegade this year- Gasp! When I found out I was slightly depressed ( momentarily) then realized I would be ok regardless! We have been there for 2 years and figured- it is time for new faces to take the old spaces~ so I have L~E~T~ Go!

However we have a bunch of fairs we are going to be at this year:
Next Saturday, April 14th at 7:00pm we will be at in Brooklyn along with a few other Etsyians, musicians and artists.

We will then drive to Harrisburg, PA on May 5th for a show given by the Mantis Collective called the Odd Ones Bizarre:
I have never been to Harrisburg, but I am really looking forward to being there.

Then the following weekend will begin our 5 weekend stint at the Providence Open Market in Providence,RI
This looks like a great time and we have 5 dates lined up starting with opening day May 12th-July 14th-August 25th-Sept 29-lastly October 20th.

A few of the Etsyians hav discussed wearing buttons so we can spot each other from the crowd. I can't wait to meet my Etsy sisters & brothers.

We have a bunch more fairs we have applied to or are planning to apply. I will keep this updated with those dates!

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