Saturday, April 21, 2007


So we went back to the church bazaar and still found some pretty neat stuff! I got a great pr of men's loafers that are super comfy and stylish they'll be perfect to wear wth my argyle sweater vest! We found a pair of miniature wooden owl magnets, a crazy large skirt made out of awesome fabric. I'll recycle the fabric to make a bunch of other lovlies. also snagged a perfect condition burgundy/wine- colored velvet blazer a few more slips and a neat pair of turqouise pumps with lace all over them Wowie!

I listed a few items today here they are:

I also repainted the little shelf I picked up from the bazaar:

We also went to the animal shelter in NJ to adopt another kitty. We saw soo many needy cats and had a difficult time with deciding it and didn't want to rush it. We also don't know how Hermione will react. We've started taking Hermione out in the backyard on a leash. She really looks like she's having fun, her tail immediately bushes up and gets all fluffy. Today she was even rolling around in the leaves.
Some pics of her:

I love her hot pink collar. She loves trying to eat flowers.

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