Tuesday, August 14, 2007

On Crushing & A Need for Light

So- I've been obsessed with Flight of the Conchords.

A couple of months ago (2 maybe) zach wanted me to watch something on Utube- it was one of their episodes- maybe the 1st. So while watching- I was laughing- but trying not to cause I was in a mood. " I'm Not Crying" came on and I just couldn't deal Well I was all cranky & Aunt Flo was visiting-

So i left in the middle to go read the damn HP7 which I haven't finished yet ( We've been through this- yes plenty of 4th graders have read it 2x or more at this point)- any how a few days later I was at my parent's house raiding the cubbards & watching their good cable and I came across The Conchords on HBO Demand and watched all of the episodes like a laugh riot fiend!!

I'm not sure which one I am crushing on more Bret or Jemaine.. but you HAVE to check them out if you like laughing even the smallest little bit. Flight of the Conchords are soo cute!*********************************************************************************************************************************

Another thing I've been crushing on is roller derby. I use to skate when I was like 7. I also played soccer for awhile- which could get pretty physical. But I just don't know if I could make it as a Roller derby Girl.. however I've been secretly keeping a list of names incase I decided to try out. I'd also need to actually get all the tattoos I've been dreaming of- cause some of my favorite girls have lovely tattoos & it just adds to their adorable+ tough cookie attitude. Well if you are local to Rockland, Westchester, Orange or Putnam County... come meet the awesome ladies of Suburbia Roller Derby.This Saturday, August 18thSuburbia Roller Derby- I'll be at a wedding-actually in the wedding- so I won't be able to be there & show support. But Hobocamp Crafts will be sending 2 items out to Suffah Kate to be auctioned at the event! YAY~

So I haven't had a manicure or Pedicure in forever- but I figured I treat* myself for the wedding I am in on Saturday. I've been buying NO MISS NAIL- which doesn't have a lot of the harsh chemicals most nail polishes have. The color I chose was APAlachicola Apricot- it looks really pretty! But my point was that I always have to drive to Whole Foods, which I love- but is a trek for me. The closest one is about a 40-45 minute drive.. so when I read that Be Fine a new skincare line was being sold at CVS- I got really excited! famliarize yourself The creator just seems amazing- and everyone seems thrilled it has been created! While browsing my local CVS - The woman in charge of Health & Beauty Aids started helping me and only had good things to say about this line. She not only walked me through the store to find the smaples that were for sale- but she was genuinely happy to be selling it. The prices are affordable- have no parabens- no animal testing and are at your local CVS. Now I am not usually a pusher of big business- these I think may also be available on their website- either way I'm excited to give them a try.
Last night we took a trip to the library. There were leaves on the ground- old leaves- dead. It reminded me of fall. Zach see,ed sad because I guess he really enjoys the summer months. I however look forward to September.. I have fond thoughts of starting school, getting a few new items with my mom to start school again ahhh those were the good times!

Looking through my fabrics I realized I need to start creating with some of my fall & halloween inspired fabrics- cause that time of the year is moving in fast.

We also started discussing roles. You don't really get much coaching when you get married. We read a book together on 100 questions to answer before you wed- something like that- but you don't get the entire scope that way. It's tough to be a "good husband or wife". Even with role models it's difficult. Together we realized we have been bickering lately.. and it we came to the conclusion of light.

Our apartment- has really gotten us down in the dumps. Some of you may have heard me refer to it as "hobbit like" but even hobbits need light. So we are here till the lease is up (March) and we are really searching for ways to bring the light in- bring the outside in. Maybe we need to bring our plants inside- but that hardly seems fair to them! The limited sources of light have started to ware on both of us.. and maybe even the cats.

The Breakdown:

We have 4 windows total in our railroad apartment. 2 are small and in the wings ( we call cubbies where you need to crouch down to get into) the other 2 we have 1 in the bedroom & the other in the kitchen- over looking the backyard, But with the air conditioners we have( cause the place is like sweat lodge in the summer) You can't really see any lights. So I ask you.. anyone who might read this and have dealt with similar conditions... what should we do? Any advice? Admitting the problem is our first step. After talking last night I think we made great progress.

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Loree said...

Rob and I are also obsessed with the Conchords... it's soooo funny! I'm more of a Bret gal myself, unless Jermaine is David Bowie.

Re: apartment situation. I think crappy housing situations just sort of make everyone a little crankier. Rob and I have been getting snappy with each other since we started packing everything up because now we have boxes everywhere and it's tough to get around. Plus, we're both around all day long.

I think lighting and not feeling trapped inside definitely does make a difference. When I started working from home, I didn't have my office properly lit, and I noticed that I was just worn out all day. I just added another lamp, which seemed to help wake me up, but it's still hot and crap. When I was in NY, we'd just open the windows which seemed to help... maybe bringing one or plant or two in, even just every now and then, would be a good idea?