Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I don't know how I let myself forget how amazing Erikah Badu is. I stopped by the library and picked up Baduizm.. which was sort of my bible for many years. I only had a tape at the time- instantly the words came back to me.. I hadn't sang some of these songs for years. Isn't that amazing... how our memories work? I can slip in an Ani Difranco cd and remember close to every word.. I wish history or mathmatics would have stuck in that way!

Here are a few photos from my brief woodland excursion Mom & I and Bean the wondercat.

Mom & I in her cute camping trailer
bean the one-eyed wonder cat

This weekend we'll be traveling to Rhode Island for thr Providence Open Market. I'll tell more about that and some of our new items as the week progresses. For now it is back to Badu and inventory for the show.
Next week I'll be sharing an interview with a wonderful seamstress Kristen of Pillbox Productions. She makes wonderful bonnets, chokers and other lovlies.

Check her shop out and then come back next week for the interview!

Keep on checking our shop for new items listed weekly.

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