Monday, August 13, 2007

This weekend was busy. We had Zach’s family over for a picnic. So Thursday & Friday were spent preparing & cooking.We set up the tent and I draped the tables with various vintage & passed-down table cloths & cloth napkins, I made potato salad (vegan & regular) we did have hamburgers for the meat eaters w/ chopped cilantro, rosemary & onions. Veggie Burgers, iced blood-orange sparking juice, gazpacho made by John at Roxy’s in Nyack , NY (Thanks John), fruit salad, salsa, chocolate cake 7 other goodness.
So we were all very full needless to say.

Hermione hid most of the time- while Jasper played host to those coming inside to use the bathroom. He pretty much slept in the same spot all day long ( hey if it ain’t broke- don’t fix it) receiving hugs, kisses and much needed petting lol!

Sunday morning I drove to the store to finally buy a rotary cutter & mat. I’ve been having a lot of fun with it- wondering why I waited so long?! Our neighbors downstairs have been busy. It sounds as if they are building Noah’s ark -which is fine because they are never loud- never say a peep. We watched The Fountain with Rachel Weisz & Hugh Jackman Sunday morning- very different, sort of sad- we watched Disturbia last night ( the remake of rear window- which I truly love the original).
Rear Window's Trailer

I’ve had the hiccups 3 X’s just on Sunday. A lot of clean up- I'm still doing dishes! Judy & Lou, Zach's Mom & her Fiancee brought us a wonderful bounty of vggies from their garden. So I'm going to look for some sort of casserole for dinner.
Here are a few photos from our weekend~ hope yours was wonderful-
Zach taking a sneaky shot of me.. Look There's a SPider on your Shoulder!"

Me with a copy of the book my design is featured in!!
Judy & Lou

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