Monday, March 31, 2008

My Handmade Wedding Story on the Storque

So- my story finally went up this weekend on the Storque. I was pretty excited! This is one of our photos from the ceremony held at the Lafayette Theater in Suffern,NY.

Our trip to Rhode Island was fun. However, just when I think I know how to dress for the weather I'm freezing! We did a little bit of shopping locally in Westerly, Zach found a new wallet- which is plastic with photos of bacon.. which is RIGHT up his alley.

We even hit a church attic sale. Although it wasn't actually in an attic- I found some great treasures! Among the lot was some great vintage fabrics and trim, a cute jar for sweets, a new spoon rest with tulips all over (our other one fell off the counter & shattered), a small vintage pill tin a crocheted kitty purse and some adorable vintage toys for using in the future. It was a nice find and all that for under $7.00!

Saturday my mother-in-law got me another charm for my Pandora bracelet- I chose a kitty- but of course?! For dinner we went to Thai Pepper across from the Westerly train station.

Sunday Zach and I wandered around downtown again, drove down to Watch Hill- which is like a ghost town at the moment and shared a delicious tomato sauce dinner with my in-laws.

When we got home today the kitties seemed very happy to see us and a couple of my ebay purchases had arrived!

I've been working on some new Spring Coffee Cuffs to Update on THURSDAY night and finishing off another girl stuffie. I am eally enjoying the process again! I can't wait till the warmer weather comes and maybe I could even set my sewing machine up outside- how silly it sounds as well as deliciously springful. Enjoying lemonade and a good stitch! haha

Well the rice cooker is bubbling away with a dirty rice mix with kale. Not quite sure what else we'll be eating with it.

More later-
happy week


Island Travel Girl said...

You guys were so cute at your wedding (and every day !)!
Sewing outside sounds loverly, and the lemonade sounds even better !

Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

Aw how sweet!!!

I'm ready for the warm weather too, just so I can open up the windows after stinking up the place with glue and resin lol!