Thursday, April 2, 2009


In hoboland I just celebrated my 31st birthday- today Hazel is actually 4 months. We've started her on rice cereal and she seems to really enjoy it. I even managed to get the new camcorder working to take a 20 second tape of her eating. I then realized how much I hate hearing my own voice-gack! I've been nursing H out in public (very covered for my own comfort) which is something I never thought possible. This May will be 3 years we've been selling on Etsy and 5 years since the creation of Hobocamp. So much has changed. Handmade has come a long way and everywhere you look there is a new shop popping up. I find it very exciting and sometimes daunting- because I know in the last year my production has slowed down- due to being pregnant and now being a mom to Hazel. Which means to me- I need to give Hobocamp a face lift of sorts- rejuvenate myself and look at things from a new pov.

With our impending move- things are even more scattered and finding time to sew has been a challenge. I've found doing a little here & there is what I have to offer myself now. Sewing one full project start-finish is kind of a distant memory. But that is okay- once I find my groove again, I think I'll find myself enjoying the process much more.

Tonight is honey-mustard tofu, mushroom-cilantro risotto and a hot bath- then followed by laundry folding and project sewing- and maybe some Office laughs and baby toes. Oh and maybe some hubby cuddling if we had our couch here.


Loree said...

I want to eat dinner at your place!

Christopher And Tia said...

Awww, happy 31st Mama, and happy 4 month Hazel!

Moving is such a pain. I wish you all the luck in the world when it comes to keeping your sanity. Hopefully nothing gets lost or broken, and its over before you know it.