Friday, February 27, 2009

Stepping Out with My Lady

So I've come to realize getting out of the house IS half the battle with kids. Lately, after being home for most of the day- Hazel gets very upset come time to buckle in the car seat and go pick up papa. Even if I've fed her before hand- she will inevitably start crying as I hook her in or as we get home and park the car. The other thing I have realized is I never allow for enough time- I'm either annoyingly early or we're late. I know babies can't tell time- so this responsibility is all my own.

I've really not much to say about my hair.. except sometimes I like it and sometimes I see pictures of myself and wish I would have had a professional cut it.

Hazel fell asleep a little bit ago for her second nap of the day. She's covered in a blankie on the floor near me. She looks pretty dang toasty and if I didn't think it would wake her up I might try to cozy up to her. The cats are zonked out on our couch and I think I might make some hot cocoa and see about my studio nook. Errands to run- which were delayed due to my own tummy issues. Tonight we'll do some food shopping and find some more gluten-free treats I hope!

Taxes taxes taxes- need to buy a camcorder- my bread machine- ahhh to be a millionaire!
xo Have a great weekend and do something that doesn't involve money!

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Loree said...

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