Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Schedules are For Suckers

Apparently. Because when I walked into my scheduled colonoscopy appt last Thursday, I was surprised to see 5 other people who were also waiting. The receptionist "over booked" the doctor for colonoscopies- which I couldn't quite understand. Anyhow, Zach had left to run an errand with Hazel, so I called them back and rather than wait 4-5 hours ( which is me speculating, b/c they couldn't give me a time frame- oh yeah and I was starving) we got on the road to begin our 4th of July celebration.

Everyone I told the story to asked if I was livid- wasting my time and then fasting. People fast everyday for health & religion so that wasn't so bad- it was the false sense of my appointment and the idea of following a schedule and that being a joke, which upset me the most. So- my rescheduled appointment was for July 30Th ( yes folks they couldn't even squeeze me in- due to their mistake!) but luckily I called back to find a cancellation for tomorrow. So back to the store for broth,clear Gatorade and other clear-food delights. And once again I become a sucker for a schedule and hope when I get there I really am the 9:30 appointment.

In other news- Hazel is on the verge of crawling a n y d a y n o w! So I think we should definitely think about truly baby proofing. I've been thinking about it since my pregnancy- with the basic stuff- but maybe I should get a book or read an article or something to better educate myself on what to look for.

This weekend we visited the beach on Rhode Island and here are a few shots from the weekend!

I'm starving- going to have yet another cup of broth then maybe an Italian lemon ice. Delish.

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