Wednesday, July 29, 2009

weekend doings

Saturday, we loaded the car and headed to Oneonta , where my brother has a house by the lake. The forecast called for rain every day- but we only received a few sprinkles. My sister also joined us. We shopped for groceries at Hannaford's which I so love, deciding on the meals we'd make/share/enjoy.

My mom and I had planned to stay till Tuesday or Wednesday- but Hazel wasn't feeling it. When I say she wasn't feeling it, I guess I should confess- it was me too. Having only been there a handful of times (all of them with Zach)- I missed him and missed his help I get every night during Hazel's numerous night feedings. I was just so tired and cranky- it didn't feel much like a vacation. Hazel cried down for naps and at night- even though we were trying to stay quiet as church mice- she would wake up crying. So last night I packed up our car and we hit the road mid-morning. But on the way out of town hit the Salvation Army. The next few days will be full of washing, washing washing. The worst part of any trip is the laundry and game of put away when you return. At the Sal's I found a gorgeous quilt, thick, patchwork- lined with wool. It is perfect for the upcoming cold nights. I also found a few books for H and 2 skirts for myself.

Tuesday H and I went to my favorite thrift store, where I found her 2 little tops and myself yet another, striped shirt. All the older ladies love Hazel,playing peek-a-boo and making her smile. Now we're back home dealing with the rainy, hot days. I guess it doesn't help that I am drinking hot cocoa in almost 80 degree weather.

Here are a few pictures from our little weekend. We've gotten a slow start to our week- so bare with us as things start to get more regular around here!

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Christopher And Tia said...

I can't get over how big Hazel is getting. Sheesh. Love to look at your pictures :)