Tuesday, July 21, 2009

swing batter batter

Baseball fan? No, not really. Is my father sad that we can't partake in his favorite pastime together? Probably not but, growing up every summer- all I knew was radio 660 AM. It seemed like it was constantly on. My father played baseball when he was younger and even got drafted for the Dodgers when they were in Brooklyn- but decided to join the Army. So baseball is kind of in my blood regardless. With that, I do enjoy seeing a game in person and somewhere deep down, I might even like the roar of the announcer's play by play with the occasional roar of the crowd.

There are so many summer sounds I enjoy. Hooting of the owl in the back yard, a cricket hiding in the corner of a room, trickle of rain from a sun storm. Some of my newest ones are Hazel laughing and splashing in her pool and swinging on her swing set.

Trying to take every day in..breath a little..do a little and live a lot. I cherish our weekends, when we can be a more laid-back family bustling through town- running errands. In a year or so, maybe we'll be puttering around our new home, working on improvements,nesting and making plans for the corner of that room and the bookshelf in the other. But for now- we have to fight the temptation of consumerism in order to save as much money as possible. So this is it- a difficult feat lay ahead- sure it's no slaughtering Voldermort- but sometimes it seems as difficult. Buying a house is no joke. But I want us to stay as positive as possible.

Well, there is a babe tugging at me for dinner.

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