Monday, July 20, 2009

the long and short

I will face it- it has been a while. I haven't quite been up to it. Hazel slept through the night (aside from a preemptive feed) around midnight. I am grateful, yet still very tired. I guess I will need numerous sleeping-through-the-night-nights in order to restore myself. Besides I know I am not the only tired one around here

Good thing I was awake to take the picture!
There is a lot in the works. But for now - we are enjoying a summer of firsts. A baby nearing 8 months and all the living and laughing that is accompanying it. She's great fun- even on no sleep. Even when I haven't sewn in weeks. Still searching for balance.

But trying to stay grounded between belly issues- saving for a house- wanting the house yesterday and figuring out what to do next. I just can't wait till the book Zach is co writing is finished, which means more sleep and down time for Zach- but also we can work as a team again on Hobocamp and on Hazel!

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