Wednesday, July 1, 2009

test prep, moving day and the 4th

We had one of the first sunny days in a long time! We took advantage of it- big time.

I've started grabbing pots & pans and wooden spoons for H to play with- getting back to basics! She hits the pan a little, then she bites on the spoon.

For the last 5 hours, I've been drinking Gatorade with Miralax to prep for my colonoscopy tomorrow. The prep is a lot easier than last time- but either way it isn't much fun. I'm starving oh and did I mention, I'm starving? I can't wait to go and have the procedure- so I can eat the chocolate croissant I have wrapped up in my bag! After the doctor, we are heading up to Rhode Island to spend the holiday with Zach's family. I am hoping to get a good beach day in. I've washed all Hazel's beach toys- that were hand me downs and we've got our bags packed. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Loree said...

Holy crap. The smiling baby pictures are too adorable. We have to come visit and finally meet Hazel soon. She's such a cutie!

Amanda aka MamaRobot said...

What a smile!!