Thursday, October 15, 2009

Corn, Dreams and Tutus

On the eve of my favorite rummage sale, my heart is full of a hopeful mound of vintage aprons... a bag of unfinished patchwork pieces.. a pile of quilts... a table full of perfect-sized kids clothing..a box full of wool sweaters and some other timeless,vintage goodness. The plan as always is to get in, with our own bags and fill fill fill. Then we decide what we want and need- begin to empty the bag and again search for the little things. We usually go back on Saturday to see what is left- what was lurking under the huge mounds of clothing and so Zach can check out the toy boxes.

I have sort of put the shop on a few week hiatus- nothing very specific, just trying to find time to make things for our family and home. After finding the blog
The Progressive Pioneer , I was totally inspired by the sweater pants she made. So last night I cut right into an older J.Crew, wool sweater in a mustard seed. The sleeves puffed and it had a small opening in the back... gorgeous in it's day but I've had it for 7+ years and I think it was time to find a new use. Soon Hazel's little tush will be toasty for the winter.

Another project, a no-sew tutu is simple but very cute and versatile featured in this month's issue of Family Fun. They didn't have it on their website, but I found an equally easy design on the blog
Mommy Blessings. This design makes use of a pretty ribbon to tie the tutu on at any size, making it versatile for any age.

In other subjects, I'm wearing a bag of frozen corn in my bra- to help ease engorgement from weaning. Day 2 of Lialda and I feel good and was able to take Hazel to story time and run some errands, it felt great. I really felt very good today. I have been aware of what I miss when I'm dealing with a flare and I'm truly grateful for the calm moments.

I already started Holiday shopping for the kids, which are really all we're getting for this year- aside from a few grand-parental gifts. Long johns for the kids and each a handmade something. Legwarmers hopefully for some. A little sweatshirt for Hazel, I just ironed the patch on and then chaotically sewed over it. I'm pleased with it.

Off to bed, going to dream of all the goodies I might find!

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Christopher And Tia said...

Oh I just recently jumped onto the no sew tutu train as well. I made Eleanore a Tinkerbell tutu dress for her halloween costume. It turned out ridiculously fluffy and perfect. Hopefully she doesn't fall into a great big mud puddle and ruin it.

I wish we had cool rummage sales here! Maybe we do and I'm just unaware. I don't need any more things than I already have anyways.