Monday, October 12, 2009

Living in Hoboland

I'm so happy fall is here. I don't know if I've mentioned that. In the last few weeks I've been in blog lala land (I can't believe it has been so long) I have been trying to calm my tummy and watch as our Hazel grows like a weed and gets into everything.

We are currently taking part in a sad state of affairs, called weaning little Hazel. It isn't a real choice as it is more of a necessity. Since being diagnosed with Colitis, the doctor told me I need to take medication. A medication that isn't recommended for nursing or pregnant mamas. I've tried alternative options and nothing is working. So to help myself and to be a better mother ( one that isn't stuck in the ladies room all day) I need to try this. I feel like an emotional mess, wondering if it will affect Hazel (although everyone says no)- perhaps I am the one who is really having the issue. Hazel has always taken bottles, sippy cups,breast milk or formula. So we are really lucky. She also loves eating (accept blueberries- whoops my fault). Parsnips,kale,squash,rice & beans, tomato,potato,pumpkin,peas,quinoa,just to name a few. Tonight she had her first bowl of soup along with bread and butter. This past weekend her first taste of baba ganoush. This little girl grows into a silly,giggly,happy elf more each day. Well on her way to taking that first step any day now.

Hobocamp is quiet and slow. Ideas race through my head for the holidays- before you know it those days will be among us. My sewing table again is covered with projects needing a quick sew or a full spell of the machine. But I've started collecting leaves and dreaming of ways to stay warm in our cozy bedroom with no heat. The bed looks like the princess & the pea, covered in patchwork quilt after quilt. Hazel has started co-sleeping. I was afraid before as she was just so tiny, but now she rules the roost and I welcome any sleepy cuddles or scratches for that matter. Concerned about the fire retardant used in most children's sleepwear, I've been looking for thermals that have no chemicals, to wear under one pieces of natural cotton. My mother told me her mama would put them in long vests or sweaters with no sleeves to sleep in over their night clothes. Wool is so toasty.. so I made one for Hazel out of a sweater of my own. It just needs a few stitches. Stay inspired and enjoy the season!


BusStopGirl said...

I like the idea of the vest over the jammies. I worry about Sunny getting too cold at night and might try this as a solution. Can't wait to see you guys again, to hear about the weaning (!) and catch up on all things mama/autumn/meetup/etc.... :)

Gray Eyed Scorpio said...

I had to discontinue one med while I was pregnant and nursing, but I nursed while taking Asacol for ulcerative colitis. I hope you have a great gastroenterologist. It will make all the difference. Thanks to meds, I'm nearly always "normal" as far as activity, working, and eating life goes.