Monday, October 26, 2009

decisions lead to more decisions

(the Hudson River in fall)

When it comes to certain things- I have my decided view point and am usually willing to sway when I hear more details or ahem facts. But on the whole I can be very indecisive. That is why I've been talking about getting a bread machine for a bazillion years now and am yet to get it. Well after reading several Gluten-free blogs over & over some pro bread machine- others not.. I decided to go without. I guess I have always been afraid of bread making and baking in general because the proportions have to be exactly right.. or something tastes funny or doesn't rise etc. I also don't have the right tools.

With the thought of going gluten-free I decided instead of spending money on a $100+ bread machine, I would look for the supplies to bake my own bread from hand- still using a mix- at least for now. So I scoured the web searching for a somewhat comprehensive, realistic list of tools I might need, The Kitchn
had just the thing. So today I am going to try and gather these tools be it new or old.

A quick trip to the fabric shop this weekend landed me with a gorgeous 3 yrds of Heidi Grace mini damask for $1.00 a yard! I bought what was left on the bolt. I want to use this to make Hazel a little jumper and myself a skirt for Thanksgiving.We'll see how it goes.

Here are two of my vintage winter hats I've been sporting.

(a few weekends ago, Zach had a cold and we were trying to find our winter clothing- in tubs in our shed. The shed my parents so graciouslly bought us since our clothes runneth over.)

Have a cozy Monday!

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