Thursday, October 29, 2009

checking in

The weather this fall has amazed me. Pouring rain for two days straight- now we have a sunny day, with a yard full of golden yellow leaves. gorgeous.

Hermione, our first kitty has been going through something, I took her to the vet and it appears the spell of fleas we had during the summer- must have affected her and she seems to have developed an allergy of sorts. She is nibbling her little, skinny legs down to the bone. She's now on antibiotics and received a shot of cortisone for the itchy & inflammation. So when I see her in peace, sitting next to me- basking in the sun, I'm grateful for us both. A cat, that when we met her at the shelter they were calling "Angel" yet telling everyone she was "vicious" intrigued us. We didn't want a kitten, we wanted the runt- who was a little older (3 at the time) and possibly in need of real love. She is still a very shy kitty and scares easily- but the love she shares when cuddling up can warm the coldest heart. She's even gotten over that slight scratch/bite people thing.

Then there is this girl...

I can't even believe a year has almost gone by. Another holiday season beginning. Halloween starts it all off for me. I'm very excited to get dressed up- in whatever random-fun I can find and take Hazel around the neighborhood. My brother & sister-in-law and nieces & nephew- we'll also drag my parents out too. Still figuring out what Hazel is going as, Zach calls her a mischief fairy- which is very appropriate.

So much to do- 4+ knitting projects in baskets around the apartment- gifts to be finished- 3 December birthdays, including Hazel's first. I'm looking forward to the weekend!

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