Monday, January 25, 2010

early bird special

Zach left for work earlier this morning, he had some thing to catch up on. So I too started my day early- feeling pretty good as I have already taken my meds and went to bed at a reasonable time 2 nights in a row.

The wind is howling and Hazel is still asleep in our bed for the moment. Z came back with a large amount of pictures from house hunting. Some were the stuff that nightmares are made of. See many of the houses we are looking at are either fixer-uppers or foreclosed, so I guess we need to expect this. Out of the 4 he saw 1 was livable it seems. Yesterday during a good belly moment we loaded Hazel into the car and we drove around the neighborhood over from us looking at a few prospective homes. I am really torn. For awhile I was thinking-we'll move up towards Putnam County- no problem, I don't mind driving to visit family & friends. Then it hit me, my digestive issues are not yet in remission, I don't want to add another hour onto Zach's commute.. so some soul searching and pro/con lists are being created. I'll get back to you on that.

In unrelated News... a few pictures of the Nifty Pixie Hat I made for H and a matching one for mama. I am working on the ties- because the fleece is very inexpensive ( I was trying to save the nice fleece for products I will sell) so this fleece stretches and isn't quite working when I try to tightly secure these hats. Live & learn! Experiments are fun! So I will grab my little seam ripper and add some new ties for us both.

Hazel in the gorgeous sweater I made us each a hat from. I would have worn the sweater, but it just looked funny one me.

This is a hat based on a vintage party hat as well as my creature hats. The fleece ruffling is sweet mixed with a vegan-wool & cashmere-feeling recycled sweater.

Excuse the large forehead shots- this is really for a teen or younger.

Last, the Nifty Pixie Gnome- this one is also a vegan.

In other unrelated News, a reason why I love my husband and his job? A 30Rock DVD set. We spent a good hour or 2 watching 30 Rock last night and it reminded me that laughter does so much for the body. It makes you happier it can help illness if even just for the silly moment. Let me be healed by Liz Lemon!! xo

P.S. I am determined to get a new cap in the shop today.


jessicajane said...

cute hats! i love hazels! shes so adorable!

Christopher And Tia said...

Awww, we never wear hats. Well, each of the kids have one hat, but for the most part, our heads remain covered only by our hair. What fun it must be to live somewhere that requires layers.

Good luck house hunting. I imagine it would be quite overwhelming. I can't wait to see what you find when you find it!!