Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a scruffy start

So from my last few blog posts, you can see I've been under pressure and feeling stressed. When I am stressed out- the best person for me to talk to is my husband, Zach. He just makes me calmer- focus and think things out. He also adds another pov- which is usually always needed.

After my full steam ahead post about not buying anything, I saw that Sock Dreams was having a sale and I promptly spent $8.00 for 2 pair of over-the-knee striped socks. I guess I was pushing too hard and then I pushed myself back- sort of like having a fight with yourself. "He pushed me first", "No, I didn't you pushed me", you get the idea?

Last night Zach didn't get home till about 12:15am. The man left the house around 6:30 to catch the ferry. The ferry was out of commission, so he was driven by bus to Tarrytown. After work he had to go to an 8pm screening, which after travel time- got him in our little home a little after midnight. I waited up, I couldn't go to sleep.

Tonight, we had a mushroom curry for dinner (I should have lied about the apples I added- b/c apples are not Zach's thing and I think it made him un psyched after that) This afternoon Hazel & I had a lovely play date with friends and I thought for sure she would fall asleep like a champ. Instead she cried for 2 hours (we kept going in, took her temp,changed her diaper and put her back down with dolls & blanket too many times to count. But no friends, this kid was not going to sleep. So eventually I just brought her out to play. By leaving her quieter toys, dimming the lights and rubbing her back... again I thought for sure she will be out. Nope. Nadda. Finally Zach had to put her in our bed (where we all reside these days) and resorted to going to sleep with her. (I'm sure after his night he was happy to be in bed by 10.

Our new shop banner- by Zach

We even found out our insurance has changed for the worse- of so much more for the worse, but I am grateful we have insurance.
All and all there are so many things to be grateful for and it is easy to become scruffy and forget them.

Tomorrow is a new day full of promise for positive vibes. Perhaps a walk with the big red wagon. We still have some holiday gifts to deliver around town.

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