Tuesday, January 12, 2010

progress makes perfect

Jon Stewart is on so that means we should be in bed. however the diapers are finishing up their prewash cycle and then I'll hang them on our rack. the rack is set up next to the baseboard heating. we don't have heat in our bedroom, so we keep the heat in the next room on- keeping it cozy while we sleep as well as drying our diapers too!

I met a friend for coffee (although it was actually a chai) and some baby fun today. During the winter days, when you don't have your own house to host a play date and you live in the suburbs.. sometimes the mall needs to be used for things other than shopping. So we let our girls run wild around the carpeted 1st floor of our local mall. They giggle, eat snacks and get their run on. I needed to make a return at Target, so I received store credit. With the store credit I purchased a chai (the store has a coffee shop attached) I also used my travel mug. It felt good b/c technically I didn't spend any money. I then used the remaining money on my credit to get a winter coat for H that was $6.48. I got her a size 5T because she has a current coat and one for next year. I'll keep my eyes peeled for a 4T at some point! I also found a calender (%75 off it is one of those helpful Mama ones with pockets & stickers) I had one last year- but didn't put much effort into finding it again. I also grabbed some V-day stickers for Valentines we'll soon be sending, a few birthday cards and a package of Swedish fish for the ride home. I even had 14 cents left on the credit!

When Hazel when down for her nap- be a very small nap indeed, I found time to sew up 6 hats. It is amazing just how fast things go when you prepare the project ahead of time.

just a sneak peek of what is to come ** nighty-night!

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