Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, New Me

Let's not put too much pressure on myself, right? This last year has been a total whirlwind. Hazel was born on the 2nd of December, so 2009 was the year of the baby and unfortunately the year of my colon. Watching her grow- so far has been amazing. Everyday she learns something new and makes us laugh, while turning into her own little person.

I do believe my colon is still intact, we have a love/hate relationship. My medication has been increased and I am trying to use what little computer time I do have to research everything & anything about colitis. But after a slight breakdown this weekend- due to stress of the holidays,being sick and our house-or lack-there-of I lost it. We are running out of space and right now I am grateful that Hazel's birthday & Christmas are not for another full year- which will give us time to make room for the things we have now.

With all of that said.. like Fawkes, I will rise. (We all know I am a dork, right? OK glad that is settled). So today with the babe down for a nap, Zach out running errands before the snowfall and a fresh mug of hot cocoa I wanted to share a few things.

I am going to start
this project. Although I am really proud of how are family has reduced our footprint, there are still many things I personally need to work on and things as a family we could work to change.

Here are a few of our green initiatives we've accomplished in the last year:
switching from tissues to cloth hankies
switching from our brief roll with disposables to a cloth-wearing babe
leaving the thermostat lower and just layering our clothes
recycling more heavily. There are more- but this is what I think of off the top of my head.

My goal for this month is in 3 parts. One, is to always use a reusable mug at coffee shops. I have them, I even make adorable cuffs to decorate them, I just don't always remember to carry it!

The second is to try and ease up on my consuming of certain fancy soy chai lattes. I can make this drink at home. It is taking up precious time I could be creating- spending quality time with Hazel and not in a car (I usually go to a further one that is a drive-thru.. so not to bother the sleeping babe).

Lastly, if I am not driving to get a chai- I am saving money, gas and lessening my footprint. So it is a win-win. Now I just need to really focus and see that I am buying into a ridiculous habit. I guess because there are so many things I can't eat- I get comfort out of one thing that doesn't bother me and is so widely available. Either way, I know I need to lessen this habit.

As for our family, I spoke with Zach while Hazel quietly listened and we've agreed to try and not buy anything new for a month. Of course food and essentials, but clothing or toys all must be hand-me downs or thrifted (which really is fine b/c I do love a good thrift store). I also will be following the 1 in 1 out theory as well. So watch out!

I hope you will join me on this journey to try and make a change for the earth. One small change is a great idea! Happy New Year!


Tree Huggin Momma said...

Sounds like a good plan. I myself love a good Soy Chai, although I am giving up my regular purchased chai. For the cost of 1 cup I can buy Chai concentrate (or even better dry chai and make my own) and a container of Almond Milk (or make my own) and have Chai all week for the same $6. Its actually really easy.
With the concentrates. I heat the Chai in a small saucepan (or if I am home all day in my small crockpot) and then add the milk. Half Chai Half Milk (and a dash of honey).
I am on a buy nothing new for an entire year. I fudged the rules a bit yesterday to buy Stromboli for my family (as the Fridge is currently broken) and I didn't have anything that was appealling to serve. For my challenge I consider take away or convenience foods as part of the no no list. Since I know this is my biggest challenge.
I like the 1 in 1 out rule, and I am working to declutter my home. So for this year, I will not be using the 1 in 1 out rule, but instead 1 out a day until everything has a place.

JenDavis said...

Sounds like a great plan Melissa! I've been trying so hard not to buy anything new and desperately trying to get clutter (especially plastic) out of our home. I've been using the which is amazing.. it all goes to someone who will use it (instead of the landfill) and I got an almost new Crock Pot for free recently which I am putting to use every week.

Heidi said...

Hey! We have decided to not buy anything new in 2010 except for essentials. Maybe we could hit some thrift stores together one day! we are also eating way less meat and what meat we do eat we are going to purchase from a local farm, Hemlock Hills. I'm loving this site for some great ideas...
We should get together for lunch one day!!

DeeJay said...

Dear Melissa,

You are a very beautiful soul. Thank you for your part in helping our world be a wondrous place for our generations to come.

Melissa: Mother to 3 Little Sprouts said...

Great ideas! I cant wait to see how everyone does!