Sunday, November 1, 2009

First of Many

Although we were semi-rained out, we still managed to have a great time. We kept the costumage very simple. A handmade pumpkin hat (thank you aunt Linda) a handmade tutu ( mama) and some very inexpensive (dollar store) wings. The group consisted of my parents,brother & wife, their 3 kids, Zach and us. We only went to the houses that knew us- but Hazel wasn't that into it- just yet.

The remaining weekend was spent rearranging bedroom furniture and books. Switching the books in the living room from my craft/sewing/art books - Hazel's board books etc. This way when she is pulling them off the shelf, she isn't doing any damage. We also rearranged her crib and our bed. Living in a small space- you MUST be able to have an open mind and be willing to try something new. Parts of our space is cramped- so other parts are free of clutter in order for Hazel to play & crawl etc.

Was advised to call my GI tomorrow and then we can go over a new medication. I'm just happy he seemed open to helping me via telephone, because it is a big deal to go into the city to see him. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Trying to e a s e back into gluten free, not that happy about it.. but t r y i n g to stay POSITIVE!

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Christopher And Tia said...

She looks adorable!! And for only being $1, those wings are super cute. I made Eleanore her wings this year, but if I would have known that the dollar store had some, I would have just gotten them there.

YAY for gluten free. Or, I mean, ok no, it sucks. But, I think about all of the delicious treats that we could bake and eat together if we lived closer :) Good luck. Betty crocker makes some super quick go-to gf mixes these days (maybe you already knew that though).