Thursday, November 19, 2009

asking and receiving

The idea has always made sense to me about asking the universe for things. Putting your wants/needs out there and letting the universe and those who inhabit it help you out. It seems to work with easy things and more complex ideas like a soul mate or getting that house you want. In my case recently it happened with a tall wicker basket I found on the side of the road- I have wanted something for Hazel's toys near her crib- but baskets are expensive these days. So I am going to make a bag to go into this tall basket I found. Then I've been checking our local Freecycle and have been gifted with material,baby clothes, g diapers, some great vintage Sesame Street hardcovers, a 35mm Nikon and 2 baby gates,which we especially needed.

Today I found myself at a local thrift in Piermont. Where I found a great piece of wool fabric for some unsuspecting sewing projects, a great vintage kids kimono and a sweet dress for Hazel. On the way out they had 2 huge garbage cans full of garbage bags- full of clothing,vases,artwork it was insane. The more insane thing was that they said they were getting rid of it! So I was free to grab what I wanted! Our living room sliding door is very drafty- since we spend all of our time in that little room we were in need of some heavy curtains to keep the draft out. Bam! 2 long panels of velour lined curtains! In addition I found a bunch of clothes, in great condition. They said they just had too much stuff and needed to get rid of it! Thank you universe!

I recently purchased The Etsy Seller Success Kit by Business Minded and I'm loving the common sense approach & positive tone. It was enough to get my butt in gear and start back with my Flickr account. I've neglected it with everything going on these days. But I realized that I feed off of all of the gorgeous photos & interactions and I also get sales from Flickr!

With that said, I've uploaded some of my new cuffs and I plan on making more this weekend. Staying positive and looking forward to spending time with Zach's family next week. Hazel turns 1 in a little more than a week. Still so much to do xo

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queenvanna said...

speak and the universe listens!! i think every now and then we all need a little kick in the pants to get back out there, even during the busy times... just something that helps to get the ball rolling again...

can you imagine last year what yuour life would be like today, filled with the love of that precious little one? incredible.