Wednesday, November 25, 2009

On the eve of grateful

Charlie's Angels?, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

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In other subjects, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. regardless of how you spend it- I hope you get to see the ones you love or do something you love.

I try to remind myself what I am grateful and thankful for on a daily basis. I don't write it down- I've tried but never get the hang of it- however I have mental lists going. I just wanted to share a little of those lists here.

i'm grateful for my amazing daughter and patient husband
i'm grateful for a loving, supportive family
i'm grateful for the days when my medicine is working and i don't remember i'm sick
i'm grateful for a roof over our heads and shoes on our feet
i'm grateful for fresh air-freedom of speech and that special holiday zest
Just to name a few... what are you grateful for?

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