Sunday, November 22, 2009


With Thanksgiving right around the corner and Christmas about a block away- both equal winter essentially, I've been on gatherer mode. Trying to find GF foods to have through out the holidays and winter. I found a huge bag of quinoa at the wholesale store, which was a great price along with some packets of gourmet hot cocoa which will soon be broken up and divided into individual little gift packets. Of course I wished I could enjoy them, but I have become quite the hot cocoa master- from scratch. I've made a switch over to rice milk, as I had been doing mostly soy milk.

I've been baking more and cooked up a new soup last night. We went to our first kid's party- where they ran around laughing & playing in a gym-like atmosphere. Hazel had a grand old time in the ball pit and by time we got home- I was raring & ready (must have been that soy chai on the ride home) because I put together a big pot of soup. It ended up being sliced sweet potato,carrots,mushrooms, veggie stock & quinoa. Very savory. Now I have a pot of mac & cheese in the oven for H's dinner. Maybe a 1/3 c of cheese, 1/3 c. of sweet potato mashed,flax & nutritional yeast as the topper and some of her formula to give a creamy milk consistency. I hope she likes it. I didn't want to use a lot of cheese because I am really trying to watch our sodium, cholesterol etc.

Since we'll be celebrating Hazel's birthday in 3 different locations, I am trying to make something special for her to open at each place. I'm still working on a wall pocket, A large piece of fabric with pockets- that in the past when I made them I used dowels. But with Hazel's I got the idea of using a nice piece of branch from Soulemama. So that needs finishing, a small quilt I want to make for the doll bed we got her. Then there is the matter of the doll. Her scraparella, I just embroidered the eyes and Why didn't I know it was soo much fun to make doll clothes & accessories?!! Where have I been?! So there's that matter. A crown, a dress to match mine? Oh that probably won't happen. So you see there is craziness! In the shop, we just ordered a screen of Milkshake and Brother- so the boys will be back- hopefully in time for the holidays. What lovely & craziness are you enjoying?

Have I mentioned she's on the loose? Have a wonderful holiday if I don't get back here!

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Christopher And Tia said...

Aww, she went into a ball pit? So cute!! Its so crazy that shes going to be a year old. Remember a year ago when we were both hugely pregnant and having e-preg-play-dates for our little ones? And what a good Mommy you are, having gifts for her to open at all of her birthday events.