Monday, November 2, 2009

veg city

Veg City Diner, was one of my most favorite places in the world to go to. It was located around 14th street in NYC. One of the only places in the area where you could get a vegan meatball parm hero at midnight! Then one day they were gone. But don't let me fool you, I was speaking entirely about myself. I am- veg city. Veg city is the glazed eye, TV on,do nothing look I've had the last few months. Some also use the word couch potato. Running around after an almost-toddler is paying its toll and I'm beat! So when Zach gets home at 7- it is all I can do to hand him the babe- hopefully make us dinner or be smart enough to have something cooked or on the stove and then put her down to sleep. After that the TV goes on (in my defense, Zach works for Television Without Pity and needs to watch in order to edit content and write reviews). I have no real excuse.

So tonight, I will bring the sewing machine into the kitchen and begin. A ritual? I don't know yet, but something I would like to try every week. Shop projects and handmade gifts for the holidays and for our home. I am so inspired and read so many crafty blogs and then feel frozen.. almost overwhelmed by the amount of energy so many people exhibit. With kids? How? Even without kids- working full time?! You are my hero!

I am also going to stop the consumerism. I have been telling myself "oh this is OK, this little thing was on sale". But in the end it all adds up and it all comes from our little nest egg we are guarding.. ( in order to own our own nest some day) so if I can push myself forward through this lump of a moment and learn something- we'll all be better served.

With that said here are some pictures I took for inspiration, yesterday on an adventure with Hazel. Maybe not a traditional place one might look for inspiration, This is Letchworth Village, located in Thiells NY. Built in the early 1900's it was used as a home for disabled,epileptic, and other illnesses or disorders doctors didn't understand. It closed in 1996. We didn't even get out of the car, but as you can see there was some real history here- a lot of it sad, unfortunately. My sister worked here briefly, years ago and she had some happy tales to share. Now it is closed up and a source for ghost stories, double dare ya's, and the unknown. From photos of what I've seen inside, there is water damage, rot,graffiti and everything else you would expect from an abandoned building. It calls me every time I drive by. The piece of a curtain blowing out of a boarded window, the broken glass panes, the old stone. I'm no photographer, but I was happy with what I got from a car window. Zach has said he'd go walking around with me, because it is all paved.

Hopefully next time I'm back I'll have some sights to share- no pressure though!

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Silvia said...

your blog it's nice, crazy colorful and nice!many ideas, nice ideas for kids, bye silvia