Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Embracing the Caterpillars

Aside from one actual caterpillar who was crossing our driveway during the late summer, the caterpillars I am referring to are my eyebrows. Since high school, I have usually kept them very plucked- no hair out of place- very 1940's chic. I would pluck them to no end and they always grew back- much to my surprise. But in the last few years, I've really gotten tired of getting them waxed. My last experience was while visiting my in-laws in Westerly. I went to a random shop one quiet Saturday morning and had them waxed by a very quiet, older gentleman. Aside from his quick "OK, I"m finished" neither of us said a word. I was the only customer there and when I looked in the mirror it was like a Monet (if I can quote Clueless) From far away my eyebrows looked great, but up close they were a true mess! Instead of plucking the strays he cut them. It was not pretty. This all on the tail ending of me waiting weeks for them to grow out to get stood up by the threader at a local salon. So now, I am embracing my Brooke Shields caterpillars. I am letting them grow in and just taking care of the real rambunctious ones, aren't you happy I shared that!?

Now for something cozy...

everyone needs a little cozy spot every now and then even if that is in mama's basket of new yarn!

In other news, we've (well, I and my parents) have started decorating for Winter/Christmas. Zach does not seemed very excited- but he's always been my little
Ba humbug anyhow. It is just a magical time of year and our little girl is turning one- so I want everything to be festive.

our little autumn leaf faerie

I'm working on two Scraparellas- which have taken waaay to long at this point, it is sort of embarrassing. One is for Hazel and another for a dear friend's daughter. Yes it will be for Christmas and thank God they aren't paying me- because I would feel even worse. But all I can do is harness the power of Santa's elves and get it done. Then that doesn't even begin the list of holiday gifts I need to make or presents for Hazel I want to make.. including our outfits for Thanksgiving! With all the hustle of lights going up on the house, wooden beads draped on the windows, my bird collection in it's winter best.. I am searching for inspiration and a firm kick in the tush to keep the locomotive
(emphasis on loco) moving at full steam! xo Have I mentioned Hazel is having 3 parties?!


Blanche and Guy said...

hi there! we used to be on the Etsy Hudson valley team. never actually got to meet you but like your style/shop! we moved to israel a few months ago and let me tell you about eyebrows! oh boy... i'm thinking i should learn how to pluck, thread, wax - whatever is necessary cuz it is BIG business here. lots of unwanted here on lots of women's bodies. my sister in law is 23 and has been waxing her eyebrows, lips (well, above the lip - you know what i mean), arms, legs, stomach and who knows what else since puberty. it makes me laugh in a way because we all seem to have something about our bodies that we just want to get rid of! just thought i'd share! came back to the blogosphere today after a few months away... take care! :) blanche

Christopher And Tia said...

I think thats rad though. I'm Italian and my eyebrows are out of control. I used to be really embarrassed by it, but recently I've let them expand and take over my forehead, and I like it that way. I do need to have them waxed around the edges a little, because I'm way too lazy to pluck them, but other than that, I think hairy foreheads are awesome. And beautiful <3