Saturday, December 5, 2009


Today is Saturday. Since we are living in very tight quarters these days, we decided to try and have an outside- winter-themed party for H at a local park. Today was the day, but we cancelled. We had read it would be sunny out, then the weather report turned to rain & snow. Such is luck for a December baby. I can only hope by this time next year, maybe we'll even have our own little home- that way no matter what size- we can squeeze our family & friends in all at once.

Today will be spent preparing for tomorrow and running errands. Hazel is fastly out growing her car seat, so we'll be shopping for a new one. Then maybe a few stops in Nyack at some natural stores, Playing Mantis and a new eco baby shop- just to look- of course! When I get home, I'll be making stuffed mushrooms with GF stuffing (shh), meatballs in a cranberry-type sauce and some other yummy GF fare in prep for Hazel's 2nd family party (this is for my side). Have a great Saturday!

Did I mention? Hazel got hr first pair of big girl shoes. Um Yes, Thanks to Grandma Judy, Hazel is sporting green New Balance, with Oscar the Grouch. Here she is trying them out!


Christopher And Tia said...

She walks!!!

jessicajane said...

mmmmmm meatballs!!!!!! and those shoes are too cute! poor babe had her party cancelled! i am a late november baby..and am used to very very cold weather on my bday. i couldnt get over teh fact that it was over 75 degrees on my birthday this still getting used to so cal.

BusStopGirl said...

This might be my most favorite picture of Hazel EVER. Have fun at the party!

Anonymous said...

oh my god what a fun picture!!! and i LOVE her new balance!!