Tuesday, December 29, 2009

First Attempts

I finally finished a pair of wool soaker longies for Hazel. I made them from one of my favorite sweaters- that after having for years just started shrinking. The pants are very plain. The legs are my sleeves. I left them the same legth, with hope sthese can be worn for several years. Right now our bedroom does not have heat. Although we do a bit of co-sleeping, I wanted Hazel to have toasty,wool pants to romp and nap in. To finish them, I tied them with a recycled bit of t-shirt I used as a cord.

When I first started Hobocamp in 2004, I saved ever little piece of fabric and worked it into another piece, somehow. Well with various moves every year after the creation of Hobocamp.. I started getting lazy. Perhaps it was the idea of packing up bits & scraps or then finding a place in our new home for them- either way both were a challange. I've since started using suitcases, which stack and allow me to savour some of the little bits I am just not ready to part with. This also goes for my growing wool sweater collection. When Hobocamp was a wee toddler, I made a couple of hats from recycled sweaters- listed them and voila they sold! So to keep with tradition I am digging into my sweater collection, mixing some little bits and coming up with a line of recycled caps for babe, kids & mamas and the odd papa thrown in. Sunday was spent sketching,pinning and cutting. Monday night was spent sewing. Today I took some quick shots. I mean very quick. Hazel has a superior runny nose and is in an all-around grumpus mood, so my pictures are not great. BUt this is my first attempt. Hope you enjoy them! Stay warm! The caps, I am lovingly calling Nifty Pixie Caps- will be available this weekish-weekend. They are a mix of creature,pixie,gnomes and whatever else you might imagine.



Zach Oat said...

So cute! I'm sad that some of the pictures aren't loading for me, but the ones that do look beautiful.

Hip Mountain Mama said...

Those longies are really adorable on Hazel! And those hats are just too cute! I am off to go check out your shop!!

Mountaintop Mama said...

Love the longies and the hats! I have some old sweaters up on a high shelf in the closet that I think I'm going to pull out and repurpose into both... not an expert seamstress, but for my own baby, I think I can manage! Thanks for the inspiration!
Happy New Year

Anonymous said...
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