Monday, December 21, 2009

What A Year Makes

Yes! It has been a year since my little babe, Hazel was born. Here she is all decked out with her papa exploring the snow.I should add, she wasn't all that impressed. She kept toppling over and her fingers looked very cold in her mittens. After a few photo ops we headed back in. Maybe next year she'll be more interested in snow.

This was Hazel a less than a month old. Looking at the first snowfall from the warmth of papa's arms.

Saturday night was spent finishing Hazel projects. I also added a quick one for her mama. Matching hats!

We'll be heading up to the tundra of Rhode Island- where I do love it so. Visiting Zach's family then coming back to NY to see mine. Packing,baking today and more little crafts as I get a moment to do so. This morning I am following a lead on wool recycled wool sweaters. xo stay cozy


queenvanna said...

cozy - that's the word of the day, or maybe week!! have safe travels, and merry christmas!!

Christopher And Tia said...

Oh cute little Hazel.

Eleanore wasn't thrilled with snow the first time she encountered it either. She cried, and reached her arms out to be picked up. Not a fan of the cold, hee hee. And now that shes older, she begs the sky for white fluffy flakes, and is so sad when they don't fall :(

Cute matching hats, ladies!!